Oral & Flash Poster Presentations

Given the challenges often faced with time zones, shared working spaces and technology, we kindly requesting that all presenters pre-record their presentation and then join us for live Q&A (if applicable).    

Please ensure you read the following instructions carefully. 

  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (or similar platform) of your research. Include a slide at the start of your presentation with the presentation title, your name, and coauthors. A UDM2022 branded pptx template and virtual background jpg are available on the website. 
  • Keep font sizes above Arial Size 24, as presentations on the virtual platform frequently do not take up the full screen. Anything below this size may be difficult to read (size 16 or 18 is okay for references, fine print, etc.) 
  • Presentations should be in 16:9 format. 
  • Record your presentation in Zoom, MS Teams, or PowerPoint with camera, recorded and saved as an .mp4 format in a manner so that delegates can see your face. If you do not wish to film yourself, you can simply narrate your slides (your video file would therefore consist of visuals of your slides and audio with your narration). Please refer to the  “HOW_to_RECORD_A_PRESENTATION” file for instructions on how to pre-record your presentation. 
  • When recording your presentation, please ensure your slides are displayed in full screen (i.e., do not record while the ‘presenter view’ is visible – which includes your notes and a thumbnail of the next slide). 
  • When reviewing your recording, ensure your video and audio are of high quality (HD is preferred). Your video should commence and end promptly, you can remove any unnecessary footage using editing software such as Windows Video Editor. 
  • Save your video as an .mp4 file and name your file as follows: firstnamelastname.mp4 (ex. ScottStruck.mp4) 

Presentation Duration   

  • Oral presentations: 15 minutes (an additional 5 minutes is allowed for live Q&A). All presenters should provided a pre-recorded video of no more than 15 minutes. You will be live (in person and on screen) for Q&A for up to 5 min.
  • Flash poster introduction/presentations: 3 minutes. Delegates are invited to meet with you directly in break-out sessions to discuss your poster. Videos and posters will be made available to all delegates ~1 week before the conference. The 3-min flash presentation is intended to entice delegates to find out more about your presentation by joining your breakout room during the poster session to review your full poster (which will be available online prior to the conference) and to ask questions. Please do not try to present the full contents of your poster subject matter into the 3 minutes. Consider this like a provocative advertisement encouraging delegates to see your poster. 

Presentations must be submitted by Monday, 20 December 2021, 17:00 Pacific USA time. 

This allows us to: 

1) review your presentation, with sufficient time for re-recording if there are any technical issues,  

2) correctly sequence and  

3) load your presentation into the virtual platform.  

Follow the instructions sent by email to upload your .mp4 presentation to the conference organizers.  

Finally, please ensure you have registered to attend the conference as this is a condition of acceptance into the program.