The UDM Conference brings focus to the data and models needed to develop better understanding and advance the management of the urban drainage system (e.g., water quality and quantity, urban flooding and modelling, urban flood forecasting and risk analysis, modelling tools, data etc.).

We are calling for abstracts on topic including:

  • Machine learning processes and protocols
  • Managing non-stormwater urban runoff including dry-weather diversions, irrigation-induced runoff, and others
  • Data collection to support modeling development, calibration, and validation
  • Understanding of management and mitigation (BMPs, SCMs, WSUDs, SUDs, LID, GI, etc.)
  • Coastal hydrologic and hydraulic processes
  • Hydrology and rainfall in urban areas
  • Extreme events: wildfires, droughts, and deluges
  • Coupled integrated modeling: surface-subsurface hydrology, infiltration management systems-groundwater interactions, etc
  • Real-time control, analytics, and software integration
  • Modelling interactions and integrated systems
  • Transport and sewer processes of microconstituents and pathogens
  • Predicting receiving water quality with climate change
  • Water security
  • Data standards for UDM applications

Other appropriate topics may be identified through abstract submission and international events.